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What is paintball?

Paintball is a simulation war game where paintballs are used to mark the hits. These shooting games are excellent for men and women, teenagers and children alike and make everybody equal. The game is popular worldwide as an exciting action sport for leisure time.

Paintball games provide an excellent recreation for leisure time and provide an ideal atmosphere of challenge and integration for a corporate event. Paintball games are ideal for birthday parties, bar-mitzvah or bat-mitzvah parties, school graduation day parties and school outings, bachelor parties, farewell parties on joining the army and bash parties on leaving the army. Paintball games are used and recommended for training of military and security personnel. And these are just a few of the possibilities offered by this game of adventure.

Internationally, this sport enjoys wide popularity in dozens of countries across the world and provides exciting recreation for millions of people.

Paintball competitions are held all over the world under the sponsorship of several existing international paintball leagues. Many corporations, universities and enterprises have included this activity in their employee health and recreation programs.


Opening hours

We are open throughout the week (including Fridays and Saturdays) from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Advance reservation required!

How do I reserve a game?

Advance reservation is required!

In order to reserve a game, you need to put together a team of 8 or more players. We shall try to join smaller groups to existing teams but this is obviously more of a problem.

Please note: In order to have the entire field to yourselves, your team should pledge for a minimum of 20 players.

For reservations call the relevant branch.

When reserving by telephone, you will be required to give your credit card number solely for securing the payment.

A reservation can be cancelled without cancellation fee no later than 4 hours before the start of the activity (no later than 24 hours in case a meal has been ordered).

Bilateral/Face-to-face combat activity is suitable for anyone over the age of 13, but we also offer special activity for kids aged 6 to 12.

The minimum number of players in the field is ten players. The recommended maximum number of combatants in the field is 50.


How is paintball played?

Following instruction, the players break up into two teams. Each team receives equipment in a different colour, including camouflage overalls, safety jacket, protective mask, semi-automatic paintball gun, and a magazine of paintballs. In the course of combat, more balls can be purchased.

The length of the activity is about two hours (including instruction and getting equipped). The game is divided into rounds that follow different scenarios. A player who gets shot and marked, is out of the game and goes to "the casualties room" and "comes back to life" for the next round.

The player who has been shot out may watch the game through the transparent defense wall.


How much does it cost?

Activity prices and available meal menu may vary from branch to branch:



Video Presentation

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